Natural sounding voices Natural sounding voices

Our goal is to provide you with as many high quality natural sounding voices in as many langugaes as possible. Today we are supporting a range of natural sounding voices that you can use.

Multilingual Multilingual

In our array of hosted voices we today support English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Swedish. In addition, we also support your browsers built in voices, this will ensure that you always have the best possible available selection of natural sounding voices.

Automatic voice selection

We are proud to offer you the smoothest experience by automatially detect which of our natural sounding voices to use depending on the written language. If you want to change our default voice, you are free to do so at anytime using our vocie selector.

Web Speech Api

Talkify supports the Web Speech API voices, i.e. your browsers built in voices. This enables you to listen to websites in languages such as Hindi, Arabic and so many more.