Talkify Text Selection Reader

Select a piece of text, have it read aloud. Instantly. Awesome!

Check out a demo

Select a piece of text, sit back and listen

Use your mouse to select a piece of text and click on the button that appears to read the piece of text aloud. Go ahead, try it, the feature is enabled on this page.

The Talkify control center that appears once activated allows you to control almost every aspect of Talkify Web Reader such as volume, rate of speech, text highlighting and much more.

Use it on your website

It is a breeze setting up this feature as part of your integration with Talkify using our JavaScript library. It is as simple as one line of code, see for yourself!

Check out our GitHub page

Control playback

Text highlighting

For easy read-along, we support Text highligting when you are listening to your selected text. Text highligting, or speech marks, is when the spoken word is highlighted, just like this..

Control voice attributes

Control Volume, rate of speech and pitch. Some voices also supports presets such as whisper or softer style of speech.

Media player User Interface

As always, our Web Reader is the foundation of our producs, and comed with a UI that can control playback and voice attributes with a breeze.

Text interaction

"Click-to-play" on paragraphs. It can not be easier than this to start playback of your selected text.

Voice commands

Tell your browser to read text to you. Control play, pause, next and previous paragraphs using configurable phrases.

Keyboard commands

Talkify Web Reader supports a selection of keyboard commands such as play/pause, next and previous. Keys are configurable.

Enhanced visibility

Adds a subtitle at the bottom of the screen. With an increased font size and built in text highlighting you will have a much easier time reading along.