Our values

We believe that a spoken web should be for granted, a web where you can listen to newspapers, articles, blogs and more. Simply - we want to bring a top of the line text to speech solution to your device.

  • You should have instant access to a spoken web
  • It should just work. On Windows, Android, iPhone. Yes, on any platform and on any device
  • It should be for free for personal use
  • You should be able to make your own website talk by using our SDK

Our features

Talkify have a vast feature set and we are adding more and more features. We currently have:

  • Read any website aloud, directly on our site.
  • Text highlighting for easy read along
  • A text to speech API to make your own website talk
  • Automatic language detection
  • Pause, resume or switch between paragrapghs
  • Download as mp3. Either the whole page as a single file or any selection of text
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Text to speech

Text to speech is becoming vastly more popular each day and we want to bring a top of the line text to speech solution to you. As the name implies, text to speech converts a piece of text to speech and that is exactly how Talkify works. We convert a web site of your choice and plays it for you. We will highlight the current spoken paragraph and the current spoken word so that you can easily read along.


Talkify is multilingual and supports a range of languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Talkify can also leverage your browsers build in natural sounding voices.

When a paragraph is read to you, we will automatically detect its language and play it in that language for you. This feature is of course available out of the box for you who want to add speech to your web site. Read more here.

Your website audible with our text to speech api

Want all the power of Talkify on your website? You are in luck. Our text to speech API is available on GitHub or you can read more on SDK.